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Dance 1 and 2

Dance 1
Beginning dance is a dance appreciation course that introduces and explores various styles of dance including jazz, ballet, lyrical, musical theater, hip-hop, and cultural. Students will be introduced to dance history, terminology, nutrition, fitness, choreography and dance as an art form.  Lastly, students will perform in the Spring Dance Concert in April!
No experience or pre-requisite required.

Dance 2

Dance 2 is designed for students to strengthen their technical dance ability in preparation for Dance 3 and/or Dance Production. Students will continue to focus on technique, while exploring new forms and aspects of dance and choreography. Lastly, students will perform in the Spring Dance Concert in April.

Pre-requisite: Dance 1 or teacher recommendation

Spring Concert Performance
Both classes will be required to perform in the Spring Dance Concert (usually mid-April). Each class period will learn a routine to be performed with costumes, makeup, lighting and sound in front of an audience!

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